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    2. 新聞詳情

      表面電阻測試儀 Surface Resistance Tester

      日期:2023-07-24 07:32
      摘要:表面電阻測試儀 Surface Resistance Tester考標準:ANSI/ESD STM11.11-2022, ANSI/ESD STM11.12-2021, ANSI/ESD,STM11.13-2021,ESD TR53-01-22

      表面電阻測試儀 Surface Resistance Tester

      2.1.1 參考標準:ANSI/ESD STM11.11-2022, ANSI/ESD STM11.12-2021, ANSI/ESD
      STM11.13-2021,ESD TR53-01-22
      2.1.2 技術要求 Technical requirements 電阻測試儀 Resistance Measurement Apparatus (Refer to ANSI/ESD STM11.11-
      2021, ANSI/ESD STM11.12-2021, ANSI/ESD STM11.13-2021, ESD TR53-01-22)
      儀表應能夠進行從 1.0E+03 ohms 到 1.0E+12 ohms 的測量。
      儀表的電路電壓應為:1.0E+06 ohms 及以上的負載測量時電壓為 100 伏 (±5%)。
      ≥1.0E+04 歐姆到 < 1.0E+06 ohms 測量時電壓為 10 伏 (±5%)。對于 1.0E+03
      ohms 到小于 1.0E+04 ohms 的測量,儀表應具有 10 伏 (±5%) 的開路或負載電壓。
      The meter shall be capable of making measurements from 1.0E+03 ohms to
      1.0E+12 ohms.
      The meter shall have a circuit voltage of :
      100 volts (±5%) while under load for measurements of 1.0E+06 ohms and above.
      10 volt (±5%) while under load for measurements from ≥1.0E+04 ohms to less than
      1.0E+06 ohms.
      The meter shall hane an open circuit or under load voltage of 10 volt (±5%) for
      measurements from 1.0E+03 ohms to less than 1.0E+04 ohms. 兩點間電極 Two-Point Probe (Refer to ANSI/ESD STM11.13-2021)
      兩點間電阻測試探頭為特制探頭,參見圖 6。其主要特征要求為:兩柱狀電極直徑
      為3.2mm ± 0.1mm,電極中心到中心的距離6.4mm,電極材料鍍金且存在在4.3mm±
      0.1 mm 的行程內有 4.7 牛+/-10%的彈簧力。電極接觸端圓柱狀材料導電橡膠長
      3.2mm ± 0.1mm,硬度 60+/-10(邵氏 A 級),其體積電阻小于 500 ohm-cm。
      注:在金屬表面上已 10V 電壓測量時,兩個電極之間的電阻應小于 1.0E+03 歐姆。
      The two-point probe consists of an insulated metal body with a PTFE insulator
      inserted into each end. PTFE is used because of excellent dielectric properties.
      One insulator holds test leads; the other holds receptacles that accept spring loaded pins.One receptacle is surrounded by a cylindrical insulator, which is
      surrounded by a metal shield. The pins are gold-plated and have a spring force of
      4.7 Newton + 10% at a travel of 4.3 mm± 0.1 mm. The pins tips are machined to
      accept friction fitted 3.2 ± 0.1 mm diameter electrically conductive rubber
      electrodes or conductive rubber boots. The rubber has a Shore-A durometer
      hardness of 50-70 Electrode volume resistivity is < 500 ohm-cm. The electrodes
      are spaced 6.4 mm centerto center.
      NOTE: The resistance between two resistance measurement electrodes should be
      verified to be less than 1.0E+03 ohms when measured at 10 volts on a metallic
      surface. 圓柱形電極 Cylindrical Electrodes (Refer to ESD TR53-01-22)
      圓柱形電極,重量為 2.27 kg±2.5%(5 磅±2.5%),直徑為 63.5 mm±5%(2.5 英寸
      ±5%),肖氏(IRHD)硬度介于 50 和 70 之間的導電材料。在金屬表面上測量時,
      兩個電極之間的電阻應小于 1.0E+03 歐姆。
      Cylindrical electrodes with a weight of 2.27 kg ± 2.5% (5 pounds ± 2.5%) and a
      diameter of 63.5 mm ± 5% (2.5 inches ± 5%) having a contact of electrically
      conductive material with a Shore-A (IRHD) durometer hardness between 50 and
      70. The resistance between two electrodes should be less than 1.0E+03 ohms
      when measured on a metallic surface. 儀表分辨率:數顯式,用于符合性驗證的設備要求小數點后 1 位。例如標準電阻為
      1 兆歐,儀器應顯示為 1.0E+06 ohms.
      Instrument resolution: digital display, Equipment used for compliance verification
      requires 1 decimal place. For example, if the standard resistance is 1 megohm, the
      instrument should display as 1.0E+06 Ohms. 儀表精度 Meter accuracy
      精度為±10 %。
      accuracy ± 10%.

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